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    Music, emotion and the brain

    Hello Dear Reader This week has been one of the busiest of my life. I sold my London flat, bought a house back in my wonderful home town of York, and of course published my baby. You Are The Music was very briefly the number one selling music book on Amazon last week, a fact that still astonishes and humbles me. I really enjoy the idea that I am making a contribution to music, however small. I have rarely been so proud and grateful in my life: thank you, Dear Reader. Now that the book is out there in the big wide world I am starting to hear what people…

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    SMPC Day 3: Session 1 (Music therapy)

    Saturday comes fast and it is time for one of the most packed days of the conference. Today I was really looking forward to the Music Therapy session that took place in the morning. It is great to see that the professional disciplines that are aligned to music cognition are playing a much bigger role in the sharing of research.   I was excited to see my friends from the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in London who are pioneering work into music therapy for minimally conscious patients. The first speaker, Julian O‚ÄôKelly, is a practitioner and academic from this wonderful facility and he was presenting his research into the impact…