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My company, Music Psychology Consultancy UK, launched in 2010 with the aim of providing solid and timely scientific research and analysis for music-related business ventures and media campaigns.

I have worked with a wide range of businesses and PR agencies on successful science-based projects and media adventures that draw on my extensive music psychology expertise.

“Vicky is an exceptional music psychologist with a broad range of interests and a huge number of scientific and research skills..”   Dr Daniel Mullensiefen, Professor of Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London

My business brings the science behind music psychology to life, ensuring that businesses have the most recent academic knowledge at their fingertips. If you are interested then contact me

What “Music Psychology Consultancy” can do for you!

If you have a project that involves exploring the impact of music on our minds and/ or bodies then I invite you to add power to your message with scientific expertise. My role is flexible and cover any/all of the following:

  • Scientific advice on how to plan and conduct research studies such as public questionnaires or experiments, as well as feedback on research already conducted. Get in touch to arrange initial phone consultations and/or personal meetings.
  • Data analysis of surveys, interviews, sale records, footfall, etc. Whatever your source of data I can offer everything from a complete analysis report, with statistics, through to an easy to read media friendly summary of the take home points (including academic references to support your arguments)
  • Content: I am one of the most active and long standing music psychology writers on the internet, having operated since 2010. I can provide custom blogs about any area of human behaviour where music is involved.
  • A media friendly face and voice! I am an experienced scientist in the media through live and pre-recorded mediums. I can also provide quotable summaries or articles for press release.

Testimonials and examples

2022 Victoria joins Altaura as resident music psychology expert

Music and child wellbeing: Analysis for TV Music Video App ROXi, on the benefits of singing for children and families, followed by work on a fully referenced science report and a general press release

Music and driving: A survey analysis for Aviva insurance ( followed by work on a press release and a media/radio day

‘Vicky provided consultancy and expertise to our campaign, as well as acting as a spokesperson on national and regional radio. She is a reliable, unflappable and informative spokesperson and is able to deliver campaign messages with ease. In short, she was exactly what we needed!’ Ali McInerney: Consultant

Music strategy in business:  Head scientific advisor at Immedia and Ohlogy, providing core music strategies designed to empower effective experiential marketing in commercial, banking and retail sectors. I also provided regular scientific content for the company websites and social media platforms.

Music and advertising jingles: A survey analysis and report for agency Fleishman Hillard including work on media press release and pre-recorded radio features.

Music in the public space:  A survey analysis and report for agency PPL and the The Performing Rights Society, on the effect of music in working situations particularly in the commercial world.

PPL is the music licensing company which licenses recorded music for broadcast, online and public performance use. We employed a market research company to carry out some work for us and were recommended that Dr Vicky Williamson would be a useful and informed person for interviews that we might get following the publication of the research. This certainly proved the case. She was deeply knowledgeable about her subject and, importantly, had a very good understanding of business and the music business. She contributed much to our project and spared time for us in her busy schedule.” Jonathan Morrish: Director of PR & Corporate Communications

Music and health: Research planning with Bupa for a project looking into the role of music and healthy ageing in residential care settings.

Media coverage of work by “Music Psychology Consultancy”

Please see my media page for a full list of the media coverage, much of which has been generated by my consultancy business. This includes coverage on all major BBC radio stations, BBC Breakfast, ITV Daybreak, Sky News Sunrise and Channel 4s ‘4Thought TV’.  I am happy to work with the media as I am passionate about engaging the public in scientific research.

If you are interested please contact me on – at –

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  • Christian Leo

    SUBJECT: Musicom Event
    Hope all is well.

    My name is Christian, founder of Musicom Ltd. I am hosting an event which speaks on the correlation Music has in light and dark situations. The event will be featuring a handful of famous and underground musicians performing themed music, following a narrative.

    The reason I am emailing today is that I would love a segment within the show in which a psychologist can explain/teach to a small crowd, the psychological effects music has on us. Eg, how music can release certain hormones which can emulate a loving emotion.

    The 2 themes will be circling are music&love and music&dark. Going through the journey of love through music and then a juxtaposed theme of how music helps get people out of dark situations. This will be a nationally marketed event and will be in the hopes of a successful launch of a worldwide music platform.

    So any support/participation will be greatly appreciated. Please get back to me as soon as possible with (hopefully) your interest. If not, recommendation for someone in your department that could assist. If payment is needed, we can negotiate however I am hoping you understand the influence/opportunity you will be involved with, to many ages/genders/people for a new worldwide platform.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible.
    Many thanks

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