Music and Neurosciences IV

  • Music and Neurosciences IV

    Day 4 – Recent findings in autism

    Good morning dear reader. I realised yesterday that I still had one blog from the recent Music and Neurosciences conference that I had left to upload! So here you are: I was particularly looking forward to the symposium entitled ‘Music: A window into the world of autism’. My friend Prof Pam Heaton was due to speak and I have always enjoyed her presentations, plus I was interested to hear about the other types of work going on in this area. The goal of the symposium was to present recent advances in research examining the neural underpinnings of musical processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and the therapeutic potential of experimental treatments in ameliorating…

  • Congenital amusia,  Music and Neurosciences IV

    Day 4 – Recent findings on amusia

    As you might expect, dear reader, I have a slight bias towards any conference symposium on congential amusia. I enjoyed all the symposia at M&N IV of course, but there is nothing quite like the engagement you get from hearing speakers you know inside out from years of reading their papers and admiring their work. So I sat near the front row (like a proper geek), pen at the ready and brimming with excitement to hear the latest developments. WARNING: This blog will be longer than usual – I just can’t help myself! For those whose lives are not so connected with the topic I should outline first of all…