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    Music for a Desert Island

    Hello Dear Reader, I am sometimes get asked when and where I like to listen to music in my personal life, given my professional interest in the subject. It may surprise you to hear that I almost never listen to music whilst commuting to work by train. If I am not working on my laptop (when I prefer silence) then I prefer podcasts. There can be times, on tough days, when I am drawn to music for emotional reasons, but in general I am put off by the low quality of my commuting headphones combined with the low resolution of music files on portable devices. ‘Tinny’ music feels like a…

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    Musical memory as we age

    Hello Dear Reader, As many of you will know, I have a special interest in musical memory. For my PhD I created tests of simple pitch and letter memory┬áto allow me to compare verbal and musical memory processes. Those tests have recently been updated to new MATLAB tasks by Emma Greenspon from the Auditory Perception and Action Laboratory at the University of Buffalo. If anyone is interested in these new tasks then contact me, we would be happy to provide them. Because of my particular interest, I am drawn to research that moves forward our understanding of musical memory. In October of 2017 I was notified of a new paper…

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