• ICMPC 12

    ICMPC-ESCOM e-book (and sexy study!)

    Hi All First, I want to say a big thanks to everyone who has said kind things about the blogs that I wrote from ICMPC-ESCOM 12. I have been very touched by the positive feedback. With that in mind I decided to turn all the blogs into a free e-book so that anyone who is interested can have all of the blogs in one place. I finished the e-book over the weekend – it contains all of the blogs uploaded so far onto the website and 7 more from the latter end of the conference that you will not yet have seen. The e-book is hosted on my university website and…

  • ICMPC 12

    ICMPC 12 Day 2: Afternoon talks

    The afternoon of the second full day at ICMPC saw a session entitled ‘Listener Perspectives’ chaired by Alex Lamont. The session featured two talks, one from John Sloboda and Melissa Dobson (sadly Mel was not here) and one from Amanda Krause who is working with Adrian North. Both talks shed new light on the world of the music listener, the first from the concert perspective and the second from the everyday music user. John is, as you can imagine, is an extremely experienced presenter and as usual both his diction and tone did not disappoint. It is a very relaxing feeling to be in the presence of such control and…