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    How old is musicality?

    Hello Dear Reader, Finally, we meet again. I hope you have been enjoying life in my absence and that the world is treating you well. My maternity leave is nearly finished and I will soon be returning to my day job. My little girl, Penelope, just enjoyed her first birthday with a lovely family party where she was thoroughly spoiled – lucky little angel ! With the yummy birthday cake (photo above) all consumed and the cards put away in a precious memory box, I now begin the task of shifting my life role again. Just over a year ago my world was turned upside down when this beautiful baby…

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    How to be a (music) science writer

    Hello, Dear Reader I had an email today from a former student, Suzie. She said: “I am emailing to ask your advice on getting into science writing as I would like to start communicating some of the ideas and research findings involved in the field of music psychology to a wider audience“. Great! The more people writing about music and science, the better. Of course my first piece of advice is try a blog – I have found my blog to be a fun and rewarding activity these past 3.5 years (yes Dear Reader, it has been that long). Writing a blog gives invaluable experience in writing for a wider…

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