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    How to be a (music) science writer

    Hello, Dear Reader I had an email today from a former student, Suzie. She said: “I am emailing to ask your advice on getting into science writing as I would like to start communicating some of the ideas and research findings involved in the field of music psychology to a wider audience“. Great! The more people writing about music and science, the better. Of course my first piece of advice is try a blog – I have found my blog to be a fun and rewarding activity these past 3.5 years (yes Dear Reader, it has been that long). Writing a blog gives invaluable experience in writing for a wider…

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    My dream job and the new term

    Hello All, and a very happy September, It seems mad that a month has passed since ICMPC 12 in Greece. My e-book is still ¬†freely available if you would like a personal overview of the conference. But as memories start to fade of the glorious Greek sunshine and stimulating research talks it is time to think once again about the start of term.   I am aware that my colleagues in the USA have already begun the hard work of a new academic year. Here in the UK students will hand in their masters dissertations next week so there is a marking period of about 2-3 weeks before term starts…

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