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ESCOM 12_1

The University of York (UK), 3rd – 6th July 2024.

ESCOM 12  hosted by The University of York (UK), with satellite locations at Universidad Nacional de la Plata (Argentina), and The University of Melbourne (Australia) on the 3rd – 6th July 2024.

The aim of the conference is to provide an interdisciplinary and intercultural platform for the dissemination of the most recent developments in music cognition research. The goal is to offer a green and inclusive format that combines high scientific standards with lower emissions associated with flying. 

Participation is encouraged in person in one of these hubs, or entirely remotely (e.g., from their home computer). We invite all participants to go to the nearest hub, trying to avoid flying for environmental reasons. The conference will be live-streamed across the  hubs (and remotely) and all talks will be recorded and made available to all attendees for the weeks following the event. 

?Organiser: Dr. Andrea Schiavio

Website: conference homepage

Meaning of Music - 580x290.jpg

Gda?sk, Poland, October 10-11, 2024.

The Department of Music Theory at the Stanis?aw Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gda?sk, Poland, is pleased to invite submissions of proposals for the International Conference “Meaning of Music”, which will take place in person and online on October 10-11, 2024.

The aim of the Gda?sk conference is to gather together in one place and time researchers from all over the world who are dealing with this topic, in order to present current theoretical knowledge, to date scattered across various sources, and to make semantic interpretation of individual works from all musical genres. Among the many important problems within the field, the organisers propose to highlight: embodied music cognition; the place of emotions in the construction of musical meaning; image schemas; musical vs. linguistic concepts; the role of percepts and concepts in the process of constructing musical meaning; physical, biological, social and cultural limitations; metaphors and blends concerning music; ambiguity; definition of musical meaning, but the above list may be widely developed.

?Organisers: Associate Professor Violetta Kostka et al.

Website: conference homepage



PAM-IE Zagreb 2024 Conference, October 23-26 2024, Croatia

The third PAM-IE conference in 2024 will be held at the University of Zagreb from 23 to 26 October 2024.

By organising the third international PAM-IE 2024 conference, we aim to bring together the diverse research endeavours of individuals and institutions in the interdisciplinary field of psychology and music and to continue providing a setting in which they can make their work visible to each other as well as to a broader interested audience.

The conference is planned to be held on-site, with the possibility to combine live and virtual participation.

Heads of the Programme & Organising Committees:

Sanja Kiš Žuvela, University of Zagreb Academy of Music, Department of Musicology,

Ana Butkovi?, University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology,

Conference email:



Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Webinar Series

The Acoustical Society of America has established a Webinar Series with the goal to provide ongoing learning opportunities and engagement in acoustics by ASA members and nonmembers throughout the year, as a supplement to content presented at bi-annual ASA meetings.

ASA Webinars will be scheduled monthly and will include speakers on topics of interest to the general ASA membership and the broader acoustics community, including acoustical sciences, applications of acoustics, and careers in acoustics.

Monthly (Thursday at 4pm ET)
Webinar website
ASA nonmembers are welcome 
Request registration details from


EARS: Electronic Auditory Research Seminars

A monthly auditory seminar series with the focus on central auditory processing and circuits. Please pre-register (for free) and tune in via Crowdcast (enter your email to receive the link for the talk).

Monthly (usually 1pm ET)
Webinar website


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