This page contains a series of links highlighting media interest in Vicky’s research and her book ‘You Are The Music’ (published 6th March 2014)



2015:Interview for BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Giving up Music for Lent’ (16th March broadcast)

2014: Interviews on music and Christmas nostalgia across UK radio including BBC Solent, British Forces Radio, Radio Yorkshire, BBC Newcastle, BBC Radio Jersey, SFM Radio, Wire FM, Touch FM, Big City Radio, Sunrise Yorkshire, Spark FM, Cross Counties Radio

2014: Interview for Salem Radio Network (USA) – Dennis Prager show

2014: Interview for ‘All In The Mind’ Radio 4 on earworms (featuring the lovely Claudia Hammond)

2014: Discovery channel consultation on ‘Man vs. Musician’

2014: Interview on Start the Week for BBC Radio 4, also featuring Sir Peter Maxwell Davies


Me book

2014: Documentary interview with Bob Howard for BBC World Service ‘The Why Factor’ on sticky music

2014: Interview on earworms for Science Friday

2014: NPR Southern California Public Radio interview on earworms

2014: Interview about ‘You are the Music’ on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune, BBC Radio 4 Today, News Talk Radio (Ireland), BBC Wales and Talk Radio Europe.

2014: Feature interview about earworms for Radio Slovenija, 1st program

2014: BBC Scotland documentary on the social impacts of music making.




2013: Interview with Charlie McCarron for Composer Quest podcast on a variety of music psychology questions (scroll down to podcast 64)

2013: Interview with Brigham Young University Radio (iTunes radio) on Christmas music

2013: BBC West Midlands interview on music in the workplace

2013: Men’s Health US commentary on music for language learning

2013: BPS news commentary on nostalgia in music

2013: Radio 4 music and science with Professor Robert Winston


2013: Radio feature about earworms on German radio, DRadio Wissen

2013: TV feature on Swedish TV on earworms

2013: Live radio interview with Spin Radio (Dublin) on earworms

2013: Interview in the Sunday Telegraph on earworms

2013: Interview for BBC6 Music (Colin Murray’s Soundscape) about music and love/hate

2013: Interview for National Radio New Zealand about earworms (with the lovely Emma Smith). Also, an interview about earworms for the Sunday Telegraph

Interview for Diana Hereld, writing for about music psychology (12.2012)


Vicky on Sky NewsArticle featuring earworm triggers paper published by New Scientist (12.2012)

Live interview on Sky News Sunrise about the World Memory Championships and expert memory (12.2012)

Interviewed for NBC News about Christmas music (11.2012)

Live interview on Radio 5 Live on earworm project (10.2012)

Interview on ITV’s ‘Daybreak’ on memory champions and everyday memory expertise (09.2012)



Contributor to Sunday Times Magazine article on musical variety in pop history (08.2012)

Dedicated program TV science show ‘Superquark!’ about the earworm project (Italy: 08. 2012)

Interviewed for BBC Breakfast News on  music in the workplace. Article on the same story in SoundLounge. Live radio interviews were broadcast on BBC Scotland, BBC London, BBC Shropshire, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, and Clyde1 (19.06.2012).

Interviewed regarding research into sticky jingles. Story and my comments were covered in the Telegraph, the Independent, the Mirror, the Express and the Daily Mail (beginning 13.06.2012).

A montage of recent  radio interviews regarding earworms can be heard here, anywhere in the world (Thanks to Henkjan Honing!)



Why do people listen to the same music over and over again? British Psychological Society News (31.05.2012)

Interviewed for an article in the Big Issue (Australia) about music and concentration. Really nice article by Tim Byron (and great artwork). Enjoy! (14.04.2012)

Very enjoyable chat about earworms with Jamie and Louise on BBC Wales morning program (10.04.2012)

Earworms in Spanish: “La ciencia detrás de las canciones pegadizas” (03.04.2012)




Appeared on NPR’s ‘Talk of the Nation’ and listened to some fascinating earworm stories from the US (12.03.2012)

Premiere Network public radio in the USA (The Big D and Bubba show! 27.03.2012)

Interviewed on the BBC 1 Breakfast News sofa about earworms. Similar live interviews on BBC Newcastle, BBC Kent, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, BBC Belfast, BBC Birmingham and Three Counties Radio (07.03.2012).



Eaworms study covered in the Today Online, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and the British Psychological Society News (07.03.2012).

Earworms feature on the BBC online news page (06.03.2012). A follow-up feature on earworm cures from readers fetured on the BBC online magazine (09.03.2012).





Had great fun chatting to Chris Evans about earworms on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show. You can listen again here for a short time (2 hours 10mins in) (29.02.2012)

Interviewed as part of a podcast for The World (US) on earworms (02.02.2012)




Interviewed on the BBC Breakfast sofa about the anniversary of Desert Island Discs and the role of music in memory (26.01.2012)

BBC World Service interview about my first earworm article. The recording starts around 10mins and 45 seconds into the program.

Radio 4’s ‘All in the Mind’ program which you can hear again here (about 21 minutes in)

Featured on BBC Breakfast item about music and driving behaviour. Can be seen here.

Interviewed on the World Today Weekend (BBC World Service) about earworms alongside Robert Fox. Listen here again (49 minutes in)

Interviewed on BBC 5Live Breakfast show on the relationship between music and driving behaviour (01.12.2011). Similar interviews were broadcast on British Forces Radio, BBC Midlands, BBC South West, BBC Solent, BBC Kent, BBC Sheffield and Kingdom FM



British Psychological Society Online Digest covers the first earworm article

Presented the ‘How Musical Are You?’ event at the British Science Festival ‘Senses Night’ in September 2011. View the program for the event here.





Radio 4 program on Tone Deafness in September 2011. You can listen again here (starts at around14 minutes)

Interviewed for the Channel 4 series ‘4Thought’ in July 2011. You can view the video on the Channel 4 website or on YouTube (UK only I am afraid).

Interviewed by Simon Mayo on the BBC 2 Drivetime show in June 2011, concerning why children like to move to music.




6Music promotional film of the project in 2010, which has an embarrassingly high number of hits on YouTube. Here you can find our shared page with BBC 6 Music, where we collect data for the earworms project.

Interviewed about the Earworm project on Radio 4’s ‘Material World’. You can listen again here ( Section starts 07.17).

Interview on music psychology projects with Vin Sharma on SoundCloud




Interviewed for the BBC online on the role of the reward system in music listening. You can read the report here.

Interviewed for  Syfy, which promotes new science ideas as part of its Eureka Lab project. You can read the interview here.

Interviewed for an online music industry blog run by You can read the interview here and follow the resulting industry advice here.


The earworm project was the subject of a CNN online article, which you can read here. The project was mentioned on BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright show on Mon, 25 Oct 2010.

Lauren Stewart and Vicky co-authored a Times Online Guest blog in July 2010: “Hooked on music: can’t get you out of my head” (behind a pay wall unfortunately)

Took part in the BBC A&M interactive meeting as a guest speaker in 2010, to talk about the earworm project. You can see a summary of the media presented here.