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    Music and gambling

    Hello Dear Reader !! No, I have not fallen off the edge of the Earth. I was busy moving back to the UK, starting my new job at Sheffield, meeting many lovely new people and finding my feet back ‘up north’ in York again. I feel settled now and, like all in academia, am getting on with the new year. I hope you are well, Dear Reader. I promise I thought of you often since last we spoke. To make up for my absence in the last few weeks the blog has had a thorough clean. The job/scholarship and conference pages are now up to date (lots of exciting meetings…

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    SMPC Day 4: Session 1 (Beyond the Concert Hall)

    So we come to the final blog for SMPC.┬áThe final day also featured the public lecture by Dan Levitin but sadly I was not able to attend this due to the conflict with my flight time. If anyone would like to write about this for the blog then just let me know and I would be happy to put it up for everyone. Sunday was as sunny and pleasant as most of the other days we spent in Toronto and Andrea Halpern and I sat outside for our final breakfast in the hotel after checking out. We then wandered towards the conference for the 8.40am start (yes, on a Sunday…)…