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    Does musical training help reading skills?

    Dear Reader, Finally – some sun on this little island! I am enjoying this delightful early spring day with a small decaf coffee (some of you may know I am not able to consume caffeine) and a faceful of bright sunshine. What a difference it makes. The daffodils are coming out in York! Today’s blog takes its title from a new paper by Reyna Gordon and colleagues (USA) that I am sure will be of interest to many of you. The paper in question is a meta-analysis, a powerful review of multiple studies. The aim of the paper is to assess whether musical training is associated with a measurable improvement in children’s reading skills…

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    Music and Neurosciences V – Blog 5 (Rhythms and language)

    Hello Dear Reader I am writing this blog entry at about 10pm after having just got back to the hotel from a lovely dinner with a few of the conference participants. It is at little unofficial get-togethers like this that you often find out the most interesting insights into who is working on what and what people think about the latest research being presented at the conference. Everyone seems to be pleasantly surprised by the amount of work on rhythm perception being presented at this conference. I agree. 5 years ago it seems the majority of work was focused much more on pitch than rhythm and now that situation has completely reversed.…

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