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Warning – fake ICMPC site

Dear Reader,

fake-website-iconThis will be a short note intended as a warning against a new and nasty trend on the internet – fake conference websites.

This may not be ‘new’ in general, but for the first time I have been alerted to a fake site aimed at stealing money from music psychology students/ colleagues. I want to make sure I make as much noise as I can about this issue so that these fakers do not succeed in their aim to steal credit card details and money from our community.

The fake site seems not to work in some countries so it is a good thing if you can’t see it. If you do want to take a look at the fake site – and it is convincing at first glance – then here it is: – THIS IS A FAKE WEBSITE!!

The wesbite claims to be promoting “ICMPC Madrid 2017” and takes a lot of text from the normal International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) website. It is not until you look at the details of things like the conference photos and the committee list that it is clear this is not a real site. However, it has a real money portal ready to take credit card payments for registration, which is listed as costing up to 450 Euros.

I have been in contact with members of the ICMPC committee and the presidents of ESCOM, SMPC and APSCOM – none of them know anything about this conference and they are discussing how to warn our community against this breed of online scam.

All the REAL conferences in our discipline are listed here at If you know of any genuine conferences that are not listed there then please use my contact page above to send me details and I will list it for you.

The real next ICMPC meeting (ICMPC15) will next be held in 2018 – I hope to see you there!

All very best wishes,

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