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Together in music: Expression, Performance and Communication in Ensembles

York (UK) 12-14 April 2018

We are pleased to announce an interdisciplinary conference on ensemble performance to be held in York, from 12-14 April, and invite proposals for contributions

Call for contributions

Music ensembles can be experienced, investigated and understood from multiple perspectives. Whilst communication and reception by performers and audience members lie at the heart of this, many other elements play a part, including perception, socio-cultural factors, coordination, digital technologies and environment.

This conference aims to bring together music performers, academics, and teachers and offer an interdisciplinary perspective on ensemble performance including theory and practice. Disciplines may include among others music education, music performance, psychology, sociology, ethnomusicology, acoustics, aesthetics, computer science, audio engineering, and music technology.

We welcome submissions for spoken presentations, posters, workshops and performance demonstrations.

Deadline for abstract submissions: 23 October 2017 (extended from 1 October 2017)

Full details: 


Timbre 2018

When: 5-7 July 2018
Where: Schulich School of Music, McGill University, Montréal, Québec, CanadaWe invite submissions for oral presentations (20′ plus 10′ discussion), posters, interactive demos and musical events that specifically address the perception and use of timbre in music. For more information, please visit
Timbre is a powerful structuring and emotional force in all musics, be they acoustic or electroacoustic. And yet it is one of the least understood and theorized elements of music in any discipline. Timbre 2018 aims to bring together the major timbre and orchestration researchers in the world to take stock of where the study and deployment of timbre in music is currently heading and to explore how to engage scholars and practitioners concerning its structural, expressive and affective roles in the fields of composition (“classical”, pop, film, television, video games), music analysis, music theory, musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, music psychology, musical acoustics, room acoustics, computer-aided orchestration, computer science, digital humanities, sound recording and auditory cognitive neuroscience.    Early registration closes/late registration opens: 31 May 2018


ICMPC-ESCOM: Graz 23rd-28th July 2018

The 15th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC), combined with the 10th Triennial Conference of ESCOM, will be held at the University of Graz, Austria from 23 to 28 July 2018. Enquiries: Richard Parncutt

Abstract submission deadline – Passed

Early registration deadline – 30 April 2018

Since 1994, the ESCOM triennial conference has been combined every six years with the biennial ICMPC. In 2018, the two conferences will be combined for the fifth time. ICMPC and ESCOM have similar aims. Both support and promote the dissemination of empirical and theoretical research from a wide range of musically relevant, scientific, empirical based disciplines, including psychology, cognitive sciences, neurophysiology, linguistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, acoustics, psychophysics, sociology, and systematic musicology. We also welcome interdisciplinary presentations that involve humanities and/or practically oriented disciplines. Relevant humanities disciplines include music theory and analysis, musicology, ethnomusicology, anthropology, history, aesthetics, and philosophy; relevant practically oriented disciplines include music performance, composition, education, medicine, and therapy.

All presentations should feature new, unpublished research. All should have the potential to improve understanding of how music is created, perceived, experienced, shared, used, or represented.

Conference chair: Richard Parncutt

Conference co-organizer: Sabrina Sattmann

Hub organizers

Graz: Richard Parncutt La Plata: Isabel Martinez Montreal: Eldad Tsabary and Christine Beckett Sydney: Emery Schubert

Local organizing committees Graz: Annemarie Seither-Preisler, Andrea Schiavio, Daniel Reisinger, Nils Meyer-Kahlen Montreal: Mark Corwin, Angelique Wilkie, Josh Rager Sydney: Dorothy Fabian, Riza Veloso, Anthony Chmiel, Marco Susino La Plata: Luiz Naveda, Favio Shifres, Joaquín Blas Pérez, Alejandro Pereira Ghiena


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