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McGill University will host the 2nd International Music and Cochlear Implant Symposium in Montreal, Canada, August 20-21, 2018.
The Symposium will be co-chaired by Charles Limb, Director of the Douglas Grant Cochlear Implant Center at UCSF and Professor Robert Zatorre, James McGill Professor at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital and co-founder of the International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research.
The symposium is co-funded by the Oticon Foundation and will be free for attendants, with priority given to presenting authors due to space restrictions.We have already opened for submission of abstracts and more information will be shared continuously on the symposium website:

A virtual music summit on tips for having a dynamic performance

October 5-7
Run by the lovely Opera Queen!

Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology: Meaning and music

When: 17-20 October 2018

Where: Poznan, Poland

The theme of the next Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology (CIM18) will be ‘Meaning and Music’.What does music mean? Where does its meaning come from? Every presentation will combine insights from humanities and sciences. Submissions will be preferred if they have two or more authors that represent very different epistemologies.
The conference will be held in Pozna, Poland (between Berlin and Warsaw). The dates are 17-20 October 2018.
For further information and the call for papers please visit



Sheffield Performer and Audience Research Centre Conference, 3-5 July 2019


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