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Hello Dear Reader

Eiger_Mittellegigrat_JuergToday you find me in the UK. Two weeks ago I moved permanently from Switzerland (my base of 10 months) back to my home town of York.

I miss the mountains and my Hochschule Luzern – Musik colleagues very much but I am happy to be surrounded by familiar places and my dear family again.

Over the past week or so I have completed the compilation of my nine Music and Neuroscience V conference blogs. As with previous conferences I have edited all the blogs into a free e-book for you, Dear Reader. The link to the word (docx) file is here: 

Please feel free to download this file and pass it on! The idea is that summaries of the research presented at this recent conference are made available to everyone so that people are not disadvantaged by not being able to fund the conference trip.

Funding is tight these days, especially for Early Career Researchers, so I hope this ebook helps to provide the latest info on research in our discipline for everyone, free of charge.

That is about it for today. Please keep track of the blog next week as I will be writing about the background to my new music and sleep project and offering you the chance to take part in my online survey.

My new survey takes about 15 minutes and you will be automatically entered a draw to win £100 of vouchers from the national retailer of your choice! The survey will also give instant feedback on your sleep quality level and aspects of your musical sophistication.

If you can’t wait for the details next week then here is the link:

All the best for the week, Dear Reader.



  • Aiym

    I am a strong beeievlr in the healing power of music. I really wanted to get a degree in music therapy about 25 years ago, but due to my life’s circumstances, I couldn’t figure out a way to pay for school and? living expenses at the same time. I am glad there are more opportunities now for people who want to study this. I have found some books to help me learn more, but still wish for a formal education in music therapy. I would love to be an apprentice for people like these two.

  • Darina Petrovsky

    Thank you SO much for posting the notes from this conference, that I was not able to attend due to finances of a PhD student. I will pass it along to my other colleagues who are in the field of music cognition and those who use music to heal. Hello from the Center of Neuroscience and Society at the University of Pennsylvania!

  • vicky

    You are very welcome Darina! I will be blogging next week from ICMPC in South Korea, so look out for more reports on the latest music psychology research 🙂

  • DjZedd

    I am really glad to know about you that you are back. I love music and that’s why visited your site. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. I appreciate this great job. Thanks for the Post.