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    A brain basis for musical hallucinations

      Hello Dear Reader, I hope your January is going well. We are experiencing an unusually mild winter here in Switzerland so far. Very little snow has reached Luzern, which stands 400m above sea level. But at least I can now see snow on the mountains (including the stunning Mount Pilatus) from my office window, and very lovely it looks too. Today I have been reading a new article (in press) in Cortex which claims to have identified a brain basis or at least a brain based explanation for musical hallucinations (MH). My interest was peaked – perhaps this might give a first clue about a brain basis for earworms?…

  • Earworms,  Music & The Brain

    What is the difference between musical hallucinations and tinnitus?

    Before I left for Switzerland at the start of this month I printed off a few articles that I had hoped to read for background research, and also to provide you, dear reader, with some of the latest findings in music psychology. Well, this hope has been slightly delayed. It has been a long few weeks here in Luzern as I have been balancing immigration admin, with the freedom that comes with being able to write up articles that have been sitting on my desk for months. I love being able to finally sit down to write up these interesting research projects. I have also been enjoying the planning and…