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Survey of teaching in music psychology

“”Love the little trade which thou hast learned, and be content therewith.” Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Hello All – I hope this last week of June finds you well.

They say you never stop learning and at the moment I am completing my final qualification in teaching within Higher Education. As part of my course I need to complete a thesis and I have decided to investigate the demographics, motivations and experiences of people who chose to take a course in music psychology/cognition/neuroscience.

Music psychology is a relatively young interdisciplinary subject and it is only really in the last 10 years that the subject has been taught at Masters level across the world. The present project comprises an international internet survey of current music psychology graduate students.

The aims of the present project are three fold:

1) The first aim is to develop a knowledge base of the demographics of people who chose to take music psychology at graduate level. Hopefully this will facilitate better preparation of courses to suit the abilities of this diverse student base

2) The second aim is to investigate the musicality levels of individuals who chose to take such courses, thereby determining the influences of musical expertise and love of music when choosing to take the course

3) The third aim is explore the student’s opinions of their courses and identify areas where current teaching and learning practise may be improved. 

So, this is my opportunity to ask you a favour – since you are so very kind as to read my little blog. If you are a current graduate student in music psychology/cognition/neuroscience then I would hugely appreciate it if you could fill in my survey. And if you know of anyone who is a current student or a teacher of such students then please feel free to pass it on. It takes only 10-15 minutes.

Here is the link: 

I promise the site is completely safe (it is a university based data collection forum). You can also retain complete anonymity should you wish.

The data will form part of an independent report for our academic community which will be a valuable resource for those who run music psychology/cognition/neuroscience courses (or are planning to in the future). A summary will also be published on my blog at

Ethical permission for this survey has been granted by Goldsmiths, University of London (UK) Ethics Board.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You are a star 🙂

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