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    2015 DVD course – Music & the Mind

    Dear Reader, I am currently running a research project over in the United States. Earlier this year I was granted a Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Researcher Mobility grant, allowing me to work in the US. My grant is called ‘Memory ability and the musical mind’. As part of my WUN research programme I am conducting a joint project with Professor Elizabeth West Marvin (pictured), who is based in the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester. Professor Marvin is an expert in the psychology of absolute (perfect) pitch (AP), the ability to name notes in the the absence of an external reference. She and I are keen to better understand the memory…

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    Music and Neurosciences V – Blog 6 (Dance and the Brain)

    Hello Dear Reader Symposium 6 from this year’s Music and Neurosciences conference marked an interesting departure from the norm – it was entitled Dance and the Brain. In my book ‘You Are The Music’ I talk about the importance of music for dance and also discuss briefly the fact that it is a shame there are not more studies that are interested in both art forms. It seems that now there are at least a couple of researchers seeking to address this gap in our understanding. The first talk was by Emily Cross, who studies the impact on sensorimotor experience on the affective evaluation of movement. In other words, do professional dancers…

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