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SEARCH SITES – An excellent resource centre for recent music psychology publications. Also contains video lectures and information about world wide music psychology labs/ teaching centres


My video lecture on music and memory (Thanks to Fotis Begklis)

Nice video on music and mood studies from Russo lab in Canada

World Science Festival video: Notes and Neurons (2010). Is our response to music hard-wired or culturally determined? Is the reaction to rhythm and melody universal or influenced by environment? John Schaefer, scientist Daniel Levitin, and musical artist Bobby McFerrin engage in live performances and cross-cultural demonstrations to illustrate music’s noteworthy interaction with the brain and our emotions. 

Music for the Development of Auditory Skills: Impact on Education, Keynote address by Nina Kraus at the New York Academy of Sciences Conference, 2011

SMPC YouTube channel: Loads of great videos here of lectures given by the leaders of research in music psychology

Library of Congress, Music and the Brain podcasts – 17 interviews of speakers in a 2008-2010 lecture series on Music and the Brain

MAILING LISTS – an email list for the discussion of organizational aspects of auditory perception – SEMPREs online mailing list


I have linked to the English version of the site for my readers, the link to the original Spanish site is available here too

This website is only available in Spanish.

Links to JSMPC, KSMPC, and AMPS.

This website is only available in German.

This website is available in English and French.

Details of participating societies, history of the meeting and details of past and future conferences (up to ICMPC 11)

This website is available in English and Japanese.

This website is available in English and Korean.

They do a weekly announcement of publications in music psychology that you can subscribe to by email. I get it every week and it is really useful!


Prof. Henkjan Honing’s Music Cognition Blog:

A music therapy blog:

A useful collection of links for those interested in music therapy:

Music therapy, by the American Cancer Society:

A music and mind/cognition blog:

Dr Robert Woody’s excellent and insightful blog that explores the nature of music making:

Music in the workplace blog by Dr Anneli Haake


Psychology of Music:

Music Perception:

Musicae Scientiae:


Music Performance Research: