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Hello Dear Reader,

Firstly, may I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2018!

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. In my family, Christmas season is still ongoing as we have Three Kings (Epiphany) to look forward to at the weekend. All new lovely  traditions for baby Penelope (7.5 months old) to enjoy. I think she is a little unsure about the concept of the Kings on camels, but she has definitely learnt the concept of presents already!

New year and a new start. I read a survey in the paper the other day that said one in four people are unhappy in their job role and even more will be looking out for new opportunities this year. What a sad statistic. I know what it means to be unhappy in work and it is a terribly grind on your soul.

I don’t usually blog about jobs as I have a special page for them, but I have a great one to tell you about.

One place where I was NEVER unhappy at work was the year I spent as a Visiting Professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland. A beautiful place to live, fantastic work colleagues and stimulating work practices. I miss it often.

The research group there is headed by Dr Elena Alessandri and believe me, you will not meet a nicer person. She has created a new position of senior researcher in her group to build a music, health and wellbeing speciality.

I wish I could apply!! However, my German never amounted to much and they are looking for someone who can converse in both English and German.

I have always been terrible with languages. I have been partnered to a Spaniard for over 10 years and my Spanish is still embarrassingly basic! Maybe this year I can finally tackle that resolution properly. If anyone has any tips on language learning then please send them to me!

Back to the topic at hand. The new job role has the following description:

The aim is to develop a research concept and agenda for “Music, Health, and Wellbeing”;

– Writing and submitting grant applications for external funding;

– Conducting independent research;

– Collaborating in existent research projects;

– Disseminating research results in conferences and publications;

– Teaching up to two seminars a year on research relevant topics;

– Promoting discussion on specific research topics among researchers and artists at the department.

If you think that this role may be for you then please consider applying or contact Dr Alessandri for more details or questions: Dr. Elena Alessandri, Head of the Competence Centre for Music Performance Research,, T +41 41 249 26 42

Here are the job adverts in English and in German

Do pass them on if you know of anyone who might like to start 2018 in a new role in this fantastic part of the world.

All best wishes for the year ahead.

More blogging from me will follow as soon as I can get a few hours to myself. Little Penelope is going through a phase of waking every two hours during the night….I feel I am slowly turning into a zombie! Huge respect to working mums and dads out there with young babies, you are all heroes.


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