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This page is a place where people can advertise music psychology research that is open in some way to the public. I check all the links to make sure that they appear to be what they claim, but I bear no personal liability for the content within them. I hope you enjoy contributing to the wonderful world of music psychology!

If you have a current online survey about music psychology that you would like to post please leave a comment on this page with the details including the length of time that you wish the post to remain active – otherwise I will remove after 2 weeks automatically. Thanks!


New ear training assessment (Hanover University, Germany)

Recently, a new questionnaire on ear training has been put online. You are warmly invited to take part!
For most of the exercises it will be helpful if you are able to read music and, for example, know what triads are and how they (approximately) sound. The participation takes about 10-15 minutes and the questionnaire is in English.
This questionnaire is a part of Anna Wolfs PhD thesis at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. With this research she wishes to contribute to the understanding of learning processes in ear training.


fMRI study for all levels of musical ability (Toronto, Canada)

I am conducting a fMRI study on people with absolute pitch, expert/non musicians and those who have amusia. We typically compensate subjects 100$ for a 2 hour session, where we do functional neuro-imaging at the Sherman Health Science Research Centre using MRI at York University, Toronto. We are looking for participants (especially those who have amusia). If there are interested participants, please let me know so I can give further information (email given as


Larissa McKetton

PhD Graduate Student
York University, Toronto


Musical Engagement

Every individual engages with music in a different way in their everyday lives, and understanding how this works can give us real insight into both individual and social psychology and music consumption.
I’m looking for 18 – 25 year old British participants to take part in my research on engagement with music.
Please visit my website to find out more and sign up



Do you enjoy playing games?

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a web-based study. In this study, we will ask you play a series of mini games designed to test your cognitive abilities.

You will login into a secure website to play. You will also be asked to fill out a short demographic/lifestyle questionnaire at the end of the session. This study will take less than one hour to complete and you will receive your performance scores for each of the cognitive tasks. Go to the following website and register to play:

Any questions? Contact Tram Nyugen (PhD student) at tnguye95 – at-


Musical memory

Almost everyone can think of a certain song that conjures up a specific memory from their lifetime. For me, one such song is “Beautiful Savior,” which reminds me of singing in my first Christmas Festival at St. Olaf College – the lights dimmed, the audience in front of me, and the voices of the choirs all around me. We have all experienced the power of music and it’s ability to take us back to moments in our lives.

I am a fourth-year graduate student pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Iowa, as well as a pianist, singer, and life-long music lover. I want to investigate how music is connected to memories and how it can improve memories in patients with brain damage.

In order to study patients with brain damage, we must recruit and bring these patients into our lab. These participants graciously provide their time, attention, and skills towards our research projects. Some participants travel across the state, region, or country to participate in our research. Since their participation is so crucial to the success of our research, 100% of the funding for this project will be used to compensate them. In this way, you are directly giving back to those who may most benefit from this research.

Learn more about Amy Belfi’s crowd sourcing research project at